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Cliff walk opens, Eketahuna, 1911

Eketahuna Mayoress Maud Page cuts the ribbon at the opening of the Cliff Walk, Eketahuna. Mayor Cliff Page is standing beside her on the box.

The women behind her, left to right, are Madge Seymour, Mrs Hotop, Matilda and Alice Anderson, Mrs Charlotte Turner.

The coronation of King George V and Queen Mary in 1911 was a great occasion for Eketahuna. As part of the town's celebrations the Cliff Walk was opened.

The Cliff Walk begins by the bridge in Bridge Street, Eketahuna, and is a pretty scenic walk above the Makakahi River.

Picture Wairarapa (Wairarapa Archive)
A Goodly Heritage, Irene Adcock, 1973


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("Wairarapa Age," March 6.) 1

There passed away at his residence, "Llandaff," Upper Plain, at an early hour yesterday morning, one of the oldest and most esteemed settlers of the District in the person of Mr. Edwin Meredith. The deceased had been ailing for some time, and death was due to an internal complaint. The late Mr. Meredith was one of the pioneer settlers of the Wairarapa. He was born in Tasmania in 1827, his father, Mr. George Meredith, who at one time held a commission in the Royal Marines, having chartered the ship Emerald, and sailed for Hobart six years previously.The deceased visited New Zealand on two occasions before finally settling in the country. The first visit was in 1850 in H.M.S. Bramble. and at the time of that visit the Canterbury settlement was being formed, the fifth immigrant ship having only just arrived from the old country.

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Shows left part of Masterton panorama, looking west, from near the area of Bannister and Hessey Streets. A number of houses are in the foreground, with two-storey buildings in the distance along Queen Street. Taken from new gas storage tank - 97-151/114

Wrigley's Bush is beyond the buildings. Taken from new gas storage tank - 97-151/115

Photographs: Wairarapa Archive