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WW1 soldier sends birthday greetings

Postcard of soldier with his horse, possible sent to Hilda Knapp.  There is a Red Cross hospital in the background.  World War, 1914-1918   10-234/58
A Soldier and a Man
A soldier stood on the battlefield, his weary watch to keep,
While the pale moon cover'd her mantle o'er the souls that 'neath her sleep.
"Ah! me," he sighed, with tearful eye, and call'd on Him above;
I'm far away from my children dear, and all on earth I have!"
At the bugle call he turned once more the battlefield to scan,
And said, "I am, whate'er my fate, a soldier and a man."
Bill, who sent the card, has written:   From Bill. Wishing you many happy returns of the day.