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McRae-Tatham wedding, 1902

Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume XXVI, Issue 7325, 1 December 1902, Page 2

One of the prettiest weddings which has taken place on the East Coast, for a long time, was celebrated on Wednesday last, at Homewood, the residence of Mrs Tatham.

The contracting parties were Nehemiah, youngest son of the late Nehemiah McRae, Esq., of Nelson, and Effie Mabel, second daughter of the late Frederic E. Tatham, of Homewood. The bride, who was given away by her brother, Mr J. H. Tatham, was dressed in soft white silk trimmed with lace insertion, and wore the usual bridal veil and orange blossoms. The bridesmaids were Miss Ivy Tatham, sister of the bride, and Miss Marjorie Ward, niece of the bridegroom, and were prettily attired in white silk dresses. The bouquets, which were carried by bride and bridesmaids, were composed of white roses, syringa, and maiden hair fern.

The bridegroom was attended by Hugh Morrison, Esq., of Blairlogie, as best man. The bridegroom's present to the bride w…
Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume LXX, Issue 146192, 9 March 1917, Page 4

At the annual picnic of the Kaituna school, a fat lamb presented by Messrs P. Olliver and J. McGillicuddy, was auctioned on behalf of the Red Cross fund.

The animal realised the sum of £12 9s, the bids being as follows:--

Mrs Carlson £1 5s
Mr P. Olliver,  £1
Mr J. McGillicuddy  £1
Mr W.C. Miller 10s
Mrs Smith 5s
Mrs Peters 5s
Miss Kelliher 5s
Mr C.O'Brien 5s
Miss Elma Smith 2s
Mrs Taylforth 5s
Miss G. Smith 5s
Mr J. Wilson, jun., 5s
Mr Tom Burling 5s
Master Herb. Smith 2s
Mrs J. M. Sinclair 5s
Mr M. J. Sinclair 5s
Mr M. J. Sinclair 10s
Mr G. McKenzie 5s
Mr Tom Boyle 10s
Master Jim Olliver 2s
Miss Carlson 10s
Mr Fred Brown 10s
Nellie McGillicudy 2s 6d
Sissie McGillicudy 2s 6d
Mr Watler Sutherland 10s
Mr Geo. Blake 5s
Rev. G. T. Brown 5s
Miss Marjory Kibblewhite 3s
Mrs McGillicuddy 10s
Joy Flett (infant) 1s
Constable Penson 2s 6d
Miss Miller 6d
Miss R.E. McKay 5s
final bid--Mr George McKenzie £1 15s.

Obituary - William Andrew, 1931

Evening Post, Volume CXII, Issue 111, 6 November 1931, Page 10 The death occurred at his residence, Cole street, Masterton, early last evening of Mr. William Andrew, a very well-known resident of the district over a long period of years. The late Mr. Andrew, who was 72 years of age, had been ill for a long time. He was the eldest son of the Rev. J. C. Andrew, formerly rector of the Nelson College, and later of Ica station, Tinui; probably the best-known figure associated, with the early settlement of the East Coast.

The late Mr. Andrew was bom at Otamatata, in South Canterbury, and was educated at Nelson College and Christ College. He served as a cadet in the Government Survey Department and afterwards, worked for some time as assistant to different surveyors, and later entered into business at Greytown, and with the late Mr. E. B. Foster was engaged on many of the early surveys in the Wairarapa district.

Mr. Andrew then engaged in farming at Kimbolton and Feilding, and upon the sub…

Opening of Kaituna Cheese Factory, 1903

Wairarapa Daily Times, 23 October 1903, Page 3

The site whereon the Kaituna Cheese Factory has been erected is an ideal one from all points, giving especial facilities for drainage, central for the suppliers, and in touch with a permanent supply of spring water.

It is only a few months ago since the erection of a factory was mooted, but the settlers lost no time in materialising their intentions, with the result that to-day a well-equipped factory is in full working order, and capable of dealing with six hundred gallons of milk per day.

The gentlemen who have interested themselves in the establishment of the factory,

Messrs E. Holmwood,
W. L. Falconer,
Christian Carlson,
E. and B. Wadham,
A. Deal and
J. Yates,

are deserving of the loyal support of farmers in their locality, for they have pledged themselves to a considerable outlay of capital in a direction that must increase the returns of every farmer on the Upper Fernridge.

The site of the factory, one acre in ext…

Accommodation needed for soldiers' parents, 1917

Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume LXX, Issue 146192, 9 March 1917, Page 4
At the meeting of the Wairarapa Patriotic Association yesterday, Mr Q. Donald asked for assistance towards providing a building at the Featherston Camp for the accommodation of the parents of soldiers who were confined to the military hospital, and who may be seriously ill.

Mr Donald stated that accommodation in close proximity to the camp could not be secured at present. It seemed to him, to be desirable that parents should be near their sons when the latter were in a dying condition.

After some discussion, a committee was set up to interview Surgeon-General Henderson on the subject, with power to expend a sum of not exceeding £200. The committee is to consist of Messrs Q. Donald, J. W. Card, J. M. Coradine, H. Morrison, and Sir Walter Buchanan.  ---
The Salvation Army took up the challenge and built a Soldiers' and Relatives' Hostel for families visiting their soldier sons and fathers in camp.  Fe…

Woodville prospers, 1902

Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume XXVI, Issue 7220, 30 July 1902, Page 2
"The solid prosperity of Woodville at the present time," (writes a correspondent) "is due to the dairying industry. Within a radius of six miles of Woodville there are ten creameries and butter factories. Formerly the settlers took the value of their butter in stores now they get ready cash. Land is changing hands at good prices, stock is high, and there is a general air of sound prosperity about the place which is certainly encouraging,"
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Kaituna and Waingawa Schools change names, 1918

Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume 44, Issue 13643, 19 September 1918, Page 4

The Wellington Education Board resolved yesterday that the name of the Kaituna school should be changed to Waingawa, and that the present Waingawa school should be known as East Taratahi. The classroom from Kaituna (subsequently Waingawa) School is now part of Douglas Park School, Cole Street, Masterton and is recognised under the Wairarapa District Plan (HM063) as a building of historical significance.

Kaituna holds patriotic auction, 1915

Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume LXIX, Issue 14307, 11 June 1915, Page 4

In the Kaituna Hall last night a successful patriotic gift auction was held.

Besides a patriotic flag, numerous gifts of produce were sold by auction by Mr Frank Evans, of Masterton.

The flag, which was presented by Messrs S. and W. Mackay, booksellers, of Masterton, realised the splendid sum of £50 15s, the final purchaser being Mr Alex. McKenzie, who presented the flag to the children of the Kaituna school.

The gross proceeds of the evening will amount to approximately £115. A very enjoyable social was subsequently held.

Obituary: James George Dagg

Evening Post , Issue 11, 14 January 1935, Page 10

A Wairarapa pioneer, Mr. James George Dagg, died in the Masterton Hospital yesterday morning, at the age of 80 years, states a special message to "The Post."

The late Mr. Dagg, who was held in high respect by all who know him as a good farmer and a loyal friend, had spent almost the whole of his long life in New Zealand. Born in Mullingar, West Meath, Ireland, he was brought to this country by his parents 78 years ago. The family landed at Wellington from the ship Westminster, and the journey into the Wairarapa was made by bullock dray, the grown-up members of the party doing most of the journey on foot.

The late Mr. Dagg had farmed for 52 years the property at Kaituna which he occupied up to the time of his death.

In the days of the Maori War, Mr. Dagg served in the ranks of the Volunteers in the Wairarapa.

He was the first chairman of the Kaituna School Committee, and had long been closely associated with Knox …

Obituary: Upper Plain identity James McGregor

Evening Post, Volume CXIX, Issue 111, 13 May 1935

The death occurred at his homestead "Balquhidder," Upper Plain, yesterday afternoon of Mr. James McGregor, sen., a pioneer of the Masterton district. Had he lived until next month, Mr. McGregor would have been 91 years of age. Though he had long enjoyed splendid health, latterly Mr. McGregor had been somewhat indisposed. Mr. McGregor was born on a farm in Stirlingshire, Scotland, in 1844. When gold was discovered in Victoria his father decided to try his fortune on the goldfields and left Scotland in 1853, taking his wife and three sons with him. They lived on the goldfields in Victoria for 12 years, coming to Masterton in August, 1865, and engaging in pit-sawing at Matahiwi.

Later the family took up land at Wangaehu. This they were deprived of as there was difficulty in those days in securing the title from the Maoris.

They next started a sawmill at Solway, and when the timber was cut out there they removed to th…

First Arbor Day, Greytown, 1890

The first Arbor Day, held in Greytown on 3 July 1890, was an important day for the town, marked by a procession, bands and a public holiday for everyone.

The Evening Post reported
The Arbor Day festival is in full swing. About 240 children attending the public school are on the march to the planting ground at the south end of the town, with band playing and flags flying.

The procession is a lengthy one, with the Mayor and Councillors, the heads of other municipal bodies, clergymen, citizens, and a large number of Maoris following the children.

The waggon with the trees is gaily decorated with flags, the driver being dressed in character. The shops are closed, and the day is observed as a general holiday.

Sir George Grey and Mr. W.C. Buchanan, M.H.R., intended to be present, but the debate in Parliament has detained them.  Both gentlemen have subscribed five guineas each to the demonstration.

The planting will take place after a speech by the Mayor.

Great interest is taken in the event,…