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Holdsworth in disrepair

News reports from 1918 suggest that the Mount Holdsworth track and Mountain House were falling into disrepair.

The Evening Post reports
The trip to Mount Holdsworth, which some time ago was becoming quite popular with residents of Carterton and Masterton as well as visitors from other localities has not been undertaken by many this season (says the Wairarapa Daily News). Really the only people going up have been several local enthusiasts. They report that the track is much overgrown, as it has not been cut back for some considerable time. The Mountain House and contents are in a very bad state of repair. All of the mattresses are in pieces and the windows broken. One end of the house has been blown out by a recent gale. It is understood the controlling body is in Masterton, and funds are available for improvements being carried out. It is hoped that with prospects of more favourable weather for the trip, some effort will be made by the controlling committee to make the …

Builder complains about demand for modern conveniences: 1919

Evening Post, Volume XCVII, Issue 147, 24 June 1919, Page 6

A master builder of Masterton stated that the cost of building to-day was not due so much to the increase in labour and material as to the modern conveniences required.

People a few years ago were satisfied with a zinc bath and plain fireplaces. To-day they insisted upon an enamel bath (costing £14), tiled fireplaces in every room, expensive panellings, the best of gas fittings, and all sorts of other luxuries.

Rata for sale as firewood, 1907

In 1910 the Wairarapa Daily Times reported that
Settlers in and around Hukanui are finding that Palmerston [North] is proving a profitable firewood market, according to the remarks of a resident of Hukanui to a Wairarapa Daily Times reporter.

He stated that one farmer has cleared no less than a thousand cords of firewood off his property during the past year, and has not only made a fair profit out of the venture, but also reaped the benefit of having his land cleared.

Splendid rata firewood is to be got almost immediately adjacent to the railway station, and the result of the reporter's inquiries show that this could be railed to Masterton in two-foot lengths at a cost of about 28s 5d per cord, allowing 2s 6d per cord to the farmer for his wood. At this price there is not a wide margin for profit, but the Railway Department might be induced to lower the freight sufficiently to allow the wood to be retailed locally at a reasonable profit.

Rata firewood is very scarce a…

Bideford Dance: fundraiser for new supper room, 1906

Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume LV, Issue 8583, 17 October 1906, Page 6

The most successful dance of the season was held here on Friday night, in the form of a plain and fancy dress ball. There were twenty-six couples present, and the floor was in splendid order.

The proceeds were in aid of the new supper room, and the takings, amounted to £7 10s, which was considered very good.

The energetic committee of ladies must be congratulated for the way in which they worked in endeavouring to collect as much money as possible, to go towards the erection of the supper-room. They have given three dances this season, each of which have proved a success.

Mr F. J. Miller supplied the music, and was applauded for the way in which he had played for all the dances. Mr A. J. Churchouse acted as M.C., assisted by Mr H. A. Miller.

Those in fancy dress were as follows :—Ladies:

Miss Buck, Old English Lady
Miss G. Miller, Nurse;
Mrs Bennett, Summer
Miss M. Scott, Night;
Miss K. McGovern, Nap…

Bideford residents enjoy a dance: 1908

Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume LIX, Issue 9097, 20 June 1908, Page 5

A most enjoyable dance was held here on Thursday night. About twenty couples were present. The floor was in capital order, and the Hall was prettily decorated with flags and greenery. Mr P. Brooks supplied excellent music on the violin.

Dancing was kept going until four o'clock on Friday morning. Mr John McGovern was M. C., and carried out his duties in his usual capable manner.

During the evening songs were songs: by Mr V. R. Park, and recitations given by Mr Kemp, which added greatly to the enjoyment of the evening. Miss Iggulden kindly played three extras on the piano. The supper was very enjoyable, the Committee being very well satisfied.

Piano examination results - October 1904

Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume XXVIII, Issue 7871, 11 October 1904, Page 5 

Following are the results of the examination in piano playing, held last week by Mr W. Creser, Mus. D. Oxon.

The number, of points gained and the name of the teacher follow the candidate's name.

Certificated Pianist:
Ethel G. D'Arcy, 66 (Mr A. von Keisenberg);

Senior Honours
Martha Waddington, 85 (Mr von Keisenberg);

Senior Pass:
Winifred Jones, 69 (Mr von Keisenberg);

Intermediate Honours;
Mona Moore, 83 (Miss Armstrong and Miss Hampton);

Intermediate Pass
Harriett M. Kelly, 79 (Miss Livingston)
Ernestine von Keisenberg, 78 (Mr von Keisenberg)
Florence Winzenberg, 72 (Miss D'Arcy),
Madeline Tait, 65 (Miss Morrison, A.L.C.M.)
Elsie Smith, 63 (Miss Dupre);
Edith Iggulden, 62 (Mr von Keisenberg).

Junior Honours:
Elizabeth Wilson, 85 (Mr Todd);
Isabel James, 82 (Miss Dupre).

Junior Pass
Lilian Chambers, 74 (Miss D'Arcy);
Grace M. Tooby, 73 (Mr von Keisenberg)
Mina Dumbleton, 71 (Mr Todd);