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Martinborough Museum

Eighty year old wedding dress.
The Martinborough Colonial Museum is a treasure trove of interesting local artefacts and ephemera. Located in the old Martinborough Library, it is full of fine hand-made and embroidered clothing and linen (including several very fine wedding dresses).  In the old laundry (wash house) are old washing machines and even a mangle.

The kitchen, with an early range built into the fire place, demonstrates the challenges of cooking in pioneer times. It also has much old kitchen equipment and appliances.

There is much to interest men as well, with the old Martinborough and Hinakura switchboards from the former manual telephone exchanges, together with old carpentry and other tools.

Beautiful hand embroidery.

Detail of intricate embroidery on pillowslip.

Another wedding dress

The old iron bedstead is used to display beautiful hand-embroidered and smocked children's clothes and linen.

Manual switchboard from the Hinakura telephone exchange. When locals wanted to cal…