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WW1 soldier sends birthday greetings

Postcard of soldier with his horse, possible sent to Hilda Knapp.  There is a Red Cross hospital in the background.  World War, 1914-1918   10-234/58
A Soldier and a Man
A soldier stood on the battlefield, his weary watch to keep,
While the pale moon cover'd her mantle o'er the souls that 'neath her sleep.
"Ah! me," he sighed, with tearful eye, and call'd on Him above;
I'm far away from my children dear, and all on earth I have!"
At the bugle call he turned once more the battlefield to scan,
And said, "I am, whate'er my fate, a soldier and a man."
Bill, who sent the card, has written:   From Bill. Wishing you many happy returns of the day.
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Ernest Shackleton visits the Wairarapa - 1917

Polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton gave a lecture in the Masterton Town Hall on 3 March 1917. This was covered by the Wairarapa Daily Times, who wrote:

The Great Storm: October 1, 1934





Buildings were wrecked, roads were blocked by fallen trees and smashed telegraph poles, and many cars were abandoned in river floods when a fierce storm swept the Wairarapa district of New Zealand yesterday. Many ships were prevented from entering Wellington Harbour owing to the force of the wind.

WELLINGTON (N.Z.), Monday. The worst storm in the memory of the oldest settlers of Wairarapa occurred last night and to-day. The roofs of dozens of buildings in Masterton and Carterton have been torn off, and in some cases the top stories of dwellings have been shorn off. All communication between Wellington and Wairarapa has been cut off, the only information being brought by motor-car travellers who describe the countryside scenes as reminiscent of those following the Napier earthquake.

The waters of the Ruamahanga River are being blown 50ft. high by the wind. The roads are blocked w…

Edwin Meredith - early settler - obituary, 1907


("Wairarapa Age," March 6.) 1

There passed away at his residence, "Llandaff," Upper Plain, at an early hour yesterday morning, one of the oldest and most esteemed settlers of the District in the person of Mr. Edwin Meredith. The deceased had been ailing for some time, and death was due to an internal complaint. The late Mr. Meredith was one of the pioneer settlers of the Wairarapa. He was born in Tasmania in 1827, his father, Mr. George Meredith, who at one time held a commission in the Royal Marines, having chartered the ship Emerald, and sailed for Hobart six years previously.The deceased visited New Zealand on two occasions before finally settling in the country. The first visit was in 1850 in H.M.S. Bramble. and at the time of that visit the Canterbury settlement was being formed, the fifth immigrant ship having only just arrived from the old country.

The second visit of Mr. Meredith to New Zealand was a year later than the first. He came …

Bunny/Kebbell Wedding - 1938, Masterton

The Evening Post, 6 June 1938 reported

Barbara Rita, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kebbell, "Nga Rata," Alfredton, was married on Saturday afternoon to Henry Oliver, twin son of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Bunny, "Waipipi," Masterton, The ceremony was performed at St. Matthew's Anglican Church by the Rev. E. J. Rich, assisted by the Rev. L. Ives, Eketahuna. The service was fully choral. Two hymns, specially chosen were "O Father, All Creating" and "O, Perfect Love," and during the signing of the register Mr. W. C. Mann sang the solo "Where'er You Walk'"  The decorations in the church were particularly lovely, forget-me-nots, which are completely out of season, spilling their bright colour against autumn-tinted chrysanthemums and shiny scarlet berries. The bride's lovely gown of heavy cream satin was brocaded in an allover design of polyanthus roses. Slim-fitting, it was made wit…

Views of Masterton, 1887

Shows left part of Masterton panorama, looking west, from near the area of Bannister and Hessey Streets. A number of houses are in the foreground, with two-storey buildings in the distance along Queen Street. Taken from new gas storage tank - 97-151/114

Wrigley's Bush is beyond the buildings. Taken from new gas storage tank - 97-151/115

Photographs: Wairarapa Archive
Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume XXVIII, Issue 7869, 8 October 1904, Page 4
The erection of lamps in the middle of the street appears to be becoming more and more popular. Where it has been employed it appears to have no drawbacks. The drivers of vehicles soon become accustomed to them, and accidents are of rare occurrence. Members of the Masterton Borough Council, while travelling to Feilding, on Thursday, took the opportunity of gleaning information regarding these, both at that place and Palmerston North.   Since the lamp has been erected, however, not a single mishap has occurred, and public opinion now appears to be changing in favour of the new and apparently better system of street lighting.